Growing Small Town Nebraska Podcast

Growing Small Town Nebraska Podcast

Sponsored Podcast 1: Jody L. Lamp, 2024 Legacy Author's Tour


GSTN Sponsored Podcast Episode #1 - Listen as Jody L. Lamp talks about the 2024 National Legacy Author's Tour: Celebrating the 150th Anniversary of the Kentucky Derby.

Horse racing has a rich history that includes several noteworthy Nebraskans!

Born to Rein Documentary Film Co-Producers, Jody L. Lamp and Melody Dobson, are on a statewide Nebraska tour through a major grant awarded by Humanities Nebraska and a partnership with national horse racing historian and author, Jennifer S. Kelly.

Jody discusses the details of the tour along with some of the history of horse racing in Nebraska.

Show notes:

Thank you to Tanner Ehrisman, Audio Engineer for this episode.

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